Programs & Projects
Prof. Deji Adekunle SAN Coordinator and lead Researcher
Program on Accountability & Governance
Mr Gbemi Jaiyebo Program Manager

Accountability and Governance works on improving the implementation and documentation of socio-legal policies and activities that promote democratic governance, rule of law and citizen engagement.

Program on Criminal Justice Administration
Luqman Hassan Program Manager

Criminal Justice Administration Program focuses on implementation and effectiveness of Criminal Justice and Anti-Corruption Laws particularly the Administration of Criminal Justice Act (ACJA) with other complementary anti- corruption laws to fight corruption. The Centre organises workshop for Judges, Magistrates and other stakeholders in Criminal Justice Administration aimed at enhancing the understanding and improving the skills of participants on the Administration of Criminal Justice Act/Laws. We realise that the attainment of the lofty ideas of the ACJA is a continuous process which will require constant engagement of stakeholders in fora such as this for the benefits of assessing compliance, interrogate areas of difficulties, identify points where mutual cooperation is required and generally working together for the betterment of administration of criminal justice system in Nigeria.

Program on Markets and Competition Policy
Uwa Ilekhiojie Program Manager

Markets and Competition Policy Program deals with the promotion and implementation of market transformation, effective regulatory and competitive framework, policies and practices

Program on Access to Justice and Inclusive Societies
Omolola Oke Program Manager

Goal 16 of the SDGs aim to promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels. Access is critical as the formal systems of the law are unfamiliar to a vast majority of people. While Legal Aid institutions predominantly focus on criminal issues a growing body of literature shows that a majority of people's legal problems are civil, rather than criminal problems. We realise the need therefore to conceptualise Access to Justice in terms of an inclusive and development prism i.e.

  1. Access to justice (hearing and closure) for everyday civil, administrative or criminal problems;
  2. Participation in opportunities the law provides; and
  3. resourcing and devising ways to alleviate plight of People who live in extreme conditions of injustice
Professional and Continuing Legal Studies
Hajia Maryam Kawu Program Manager

Juritrust Centre's Professional and Continuing Legal Studies curriculum offers avant- garde educational and training opportunities tailored for Judicial officers, lawyers and para-legals in diverse areas of the law providing necessary skills to meet up with dynamic environment and challenges of the profession

Communications and I.T. Support
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Tobi Joda Graphics and Content Designer
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Eddy Udoh IT Support