Following the enactment of the Administration of Criminal Justice Law 2022 and the Administration of Civil Justice Law 2022 in Delta State the Delta State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice Isaiah Bozimo, Esq

convened a workshop for a broad range of actors and stakeholders. The workshop which held from the 10th to the 12th of May 2023, centred around the innovations and fundamental aspects of the two laws which are already being acknowledged as trailblazers in the country’s legal framework.

The workshop was attended by the Chief Judge and the Honourable Judges of the High Court of Delta State and the first and second days of the workshop x-rayed the Administration of civil Justice Law and the Administration of Criminal Justice Law respectively.

The sessions for the first day examined Pre-litigation Requirements and Costs, Active Case Management. Alternative Dispute Resolution and Interim Remedies Reference (IRR) and the role of Information Technology within the justice system. The sessions were facilitated by senior lawyers which included Mrs Funke Adekoya SAN and Babatunde Fagbohunlu SAN

Similarly, the criminal justice sessions were helmed by an array of industry stalwarts. Prof. Yemi Akinseye George, SAN, provided a comprehensive overview of the new provisions within the Administration of Criminal Justice Law, 2022. Chino Obiagwu, SAN, dissected the Case Management provisions, while Prof. Festus Emiri, SAN, elucidated on the Sentencing and Restitution provisions.

The concluding day broadened the scope of participation to include a diverse range of stakeholders. This included Magistrates, Presidents of Area Customary Courts, Court Registrars, State Counsel from the Ministry of Justice, Legal Aid Council, representatives from the Department of State Services, Nigeria Correctional Service and officers from the Nigerian Police Force.

In his closing remarks the Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice of Delta State, Isaiah Bozimo, Esq.underscored the commitment of the Ministry of Justice to continuous capacity building for staff. True to his words he unveiled detailed implementation workbooks for the Civil and Criminal Justice Laws of Delta State which are designed to guide application of the laws and the adoption of best legal practices in their implementation.