JURITRUST Centre for Socio Legal Research and Documentation invites submission of short articles from VOLUNTEER CONTRIBUTORS who are interested in sharing their perspectives on salient issues in the administration and development of the Nigerian Criminal Justice System, comparative systems and related issues.

The Centre engages in researching and tracking of legal, developmental and governance issues. It publishes a monthly newsletter that features short articles which undertakes in-depth analysis of anti-corruption and criminal justice matters.

Submitted works should focus on arrest and pre-trial matters, trial and interlocutory matters, sentencing and ancillary orders, corruption and money laundering, electoral crimes, criminal justice reform, restorative justice, sexual and gender based violence, human rights and other matters related to criminal justice system.

All Volunteer Contributors should-

1. write and submit original articles-

  • in simple and clear English
  • 3-5 pages using Times New Roman, Font size 13 and 1.5-line spacing.
  • that are not in breach of copyright or intellectual property.
  • that have not been published elsewhere before submission to editor.

2. not plagiarise or copy and paste the works of other writers from other sources.

3. approach any topic or issue from a balanced point of view.

4. ensure articles are topical, timely or of recent happenings and developments in the socio-legal sphere.

5. not make defamatory allegations or attack any personality or organisation.

6. assign publishing rights to Juritrust Centre to publish and republish the article on its website in any way it deems fit. NOTE: This is without prejudice to right of author to publish elsewhere subject to an acknowledgement of where the article first appeared.

7. not claim to represent the Centre or its views unless employed to do so.

Please note that submitted articles –

  1. will be published subject to positive report from reviewers;
  2. are entirely on a voluntary basis. The Centre does not pay nor receive payment for the work; and
  3. must be accompanied by the author’s full names, description and mailing address.

If you are Interested in submitting an article or being a JURITRUST Volunteer Contributor, please send a sample of original article to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.